Consigning Women


Consigning Women creates winners of and for women of all walks of life within our community. 


Consigning Women is a perfect place to recycle clothing which recycles cash.   An additional service is hassle-free, well-documented donation services for unsold items directly to victims of domestic violence in the Kansas City area.   Detailed tax donation receipts help to further defray costs of your ever-changing wardrobe.



Our customers report that we are consistently one of their favorite stores.  We are to them a resource for unbelievable upscale brands they know and love at affordable prices they are proud they paid.  They also love the personal shopping services and image consulting for those that need that added bit of advice and encouragement of how to look and feel their best. 


Our staff is second to none with their hearts for helping women look their best and stay within their budget.  Whether they are dressing for their profession or looking for something extra special for a wedding or formal event our staff enjoys providing expert and honest fashion advice.  They consistently mention how much they are blessed by the environment of their work and the clients we serve.


Women that are held nearest to Pam’s heart are those who suffer from Domestic Violence.  Unsold merchandise is donated to Synergy Services of Kansas City.  Through Synergy Services, women of the Safe Haven Domestic Violence shelter receive assistance during this important time of transition.  Consigning Women underwrites the cost of staff time required to prepare and document unsold items for donation.  This results in bags of merchandise being directly available to women in need of clothing but also encouragement to know that there is someone out there who cares about their future.  Our high quality merchandise helps to rebuild their confidence and strength after having endured some of life’s most difficult oppression.


Consigning Women is a Winner by successfully creating these winning relationships!



Consigning Women Mission Statement


Consigning Women provides high quality, fashion-forward clothing, personal shopping services and image consulting in a tasteful, friendly, helpful environment for a guaranteed value and delightful shopping experience.